• Trading Course
    By our best experts

    When opening a new account, You will get a
    custom training with daily trading signals,
    as well advanced market analysis tools.
  • The important 3 Tips
    For your invest

    When open new account you will get the most
    important 3 tips to start your investment:
    1. custom trading course, 2. Protected account,
    3. Daily trading signals

How do we achieve investor satisfaction

With our outstanding long experience in the financial markets and trade services, our goal was and will always be, to offer the safest trading conditions as leading brokers on the market. We strive to be the always-first-choice of investors around the world to trade and become familiar with the financial markets securely, which is the ideal way for those who desire to gain profit from the world financial markets.

Global Investment House formed in the year 2010 by the hands of the mightiest experts in the Forex trade market across the internet. We strived to build and design a Forex trade platform with the latest available methods that serve the investor’s best benefit by achieving the highest profits possible.

Balance Protection

this legally binding policy ensures that your balances are never negative, so that you will never lose more than what you have already invested, even in cases of strong fluctuations.

Islamic Account

With our Islamic account, no swaps or roll over charges will be applied to forex trading positions overnight. In other words, an Islamic forex trading account is free from interest or swap.

Global & Local Stocks

One of the most important advantages of Personal Finance via local & global shares is the customer's access to cash within 15 minutes of sending the request, through buying the shares then selling them immediately or transferring them.

Margin Protection

By using advanced technology and automated precautions, investors in the Global Investment House Company have the possibility to take advantage and exploit the full margin in their accounts.

Our Services


Custom Trading Course

Before start the trading you will get a custom education with demo account.


Daily Trading Signals

A team of experts working on analyzing the most important news and economic data.


Advanced Trading Tools

The most important way that make you success investor it's the technological trading tools.


Fastest Withdrawals

What distinguishes us, it's the ease of profits withdrawal that do not exceed than 3 minutes.


Personal Account Manager

We will provide you a special account manager that will help you to be success investor.


Protected Real Estate Account

A investment real estate account is a long term investment with guaranteed return.

A trading course for beginners with the best economic expert.

Our experts

Our experts are working for your success

Our platform includes more than 200 trading assets, including currency pairs, metals, shares, and futures contracts.

Global Investment House provides its services to individuals and large enterprises in more than 180 countries throughout Europe, Asia, Middle East, Africa and Latin America. With over 16 branches around the world, providing assistance in many languages, our team is dedicated to offer you world class support. Our unique business model is entirely centered on the investor, which is why we specifically designed trading mechanisms so all of our investors succeed.

Trading Times

  • London
    8:00 - 17:00
  • Moscow
    6:00 - 15:00
  • Tokyo
    00:00 - 9:00
  • New York
    13:00 - 22:00
  • Riyadh
    10:00 - 15:00